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A highly experienced, imaginative, professional & terribly handsome cameraman working in both lighting-camera and director of photography roles.  I work on a whole range of quality documentaries, factual series and natural history programmes.  I’m proud to have worked on almost exclusively primetime one-off’s & series at 8 and 9pm and have an extensive list of credits on well-known programmes like Embarrassing Bodies to Gardeners’ World, to those ob-doc cop shows you secretly watch to EMMY award winning wildlife docs as well as a million “Phil & Kirstie” property programmes... 

 Production companies consistently ask me back because I’m reliable, cost effective & easy to work with (honest!)  Every shoot is approached with the same professionalism and an eagerness to get the best possible images.  I enjoy looking for that extra shot or stylish angle, crafting beautifully lit scenes or simply creating just the right mood on available light.   I capture sync in a filmic way & frame GVs to make a programme stand out from the crowd - even when time is tight & budgets are modest.

 Technically proficient & editorially aware, 26 years of broadcast experience help turn director’s ideas into reality.  In a team or on my own, I’m fast yet creative.  I work well with presenters & contributors, experienced or new.  Filming in all styles & all formats on RTS, BAFTA & EMMY winning programmes all over the UK and the world.  Just call for a chat about your next shoot!    

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Hard-sell over, my career started in production as a location and studio director, quickly moving up to Series Producer and Series Director on primetime factual, natural history and youth network programmes.  Directing and shooting my own doc’s on professional, shoulder-mounted cameras for 20 years, my cinematography was always in demand.  So much so I made the full time switch 13 years ago.   

 This knowledge of both the craft & editorial sides to filmmaking has proved to be a great advantage to production teams.  I have an instinctive feel for a sequence.  I listen and react to sync - always looking for that extra GV, wide or close-up that makes me an editors’ friend.  I understand when a director might need a suggestion - and when the director needs the cameraman to shut up!

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