Location, Location, Location                     Ch4                           IWC Media
A veteran of this 8pm show, involved from series 3, just starting series 17        
TX 2001 - 2015

Gardeners’ World                                       BBC                                     BBC
Perenial favourite , Fridays 8pm
TX 2006 - 2014   

The South Bank Show                                Sky Arts     Directors Cut Prods
Melvyn Bragg arts series, new episodes & updates to old ITV episodes
TX 2014

Embarrassing Bodies                                  Ch4            Maverick Television
Series 6 & foreign special, cancer specials & yes, I’ve seen everything       
TX 2012 - 2013

Embarrassing Fat Bodies                            Ch4            Maverick Television
The clue is in the title.   Studio clinic & insert films for peak time        
TX 2013

Secret Eaters                                               Ch4                   Remarkable TV
Yum, Yum.  Anna Richardson fronted primetime 8pm series        
TX 2014

Hens Behaving Badly                                   Ch5     True North Productions
Doc series about ladies not behaving like ladies
TX 2014 

The House That £100K Built                        BBC2                Remarkable TV
Striking new builds on a budget, 8pm series
TX 2013

Embarrassing Bodies: Live  Clinic                Ch4           Maverick Television
8pm series.  Insert films across the series       
TX 2013

Compare Your Life                                        Ch4     True North Productions
8pm series, the ultimate life-swap in the UK and abroad
TX 2013

Raise Your Game                                          Pan Africa           Aurora Media
Think Top Gear for football, series shot in & sold across Africa 
TX 2013 - 2014  

Restoration Home                                        BBC2     Remarkable Television
Historic home renovation, 8pm, series 1 & 3
TX 2011 - 2013

The One Show                                              BBC1               BBC Productions
TX 2014  

Body Image                                                  BBC3         Pioneer Productions
Science led doc about how we look
TX 2012

Antiques To The Rescue                              BBC2               BBC Productions
Peak-time historic houses & their heirlooms doc series
TX 2012

See Hear                                                       BBC1               BBC Productions
Presenter led series about people with hearing diffculties
TX 2012

Mum & Me                                                    BBC3     True North Productions
Main interviews & GV’s used in director-shot doc 
TX 2012 

Relocation, Relocation                                 Ch4                            IWC Media
UK & international property series with Phil & Kirstie,   Series 1 to 8  
TX 2003 - 2011

Phil Down Under                                          Ch4                            IWC Media
Glossy & sunny property series in Oz,  Series 1 & 2

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation                      Ch4            Raise The Roof Prods
Phil & Kirstie go bickering around the world   

Phil & Kirstie’s Perfect Christmas               Ch4            Raise The Roof Prods
Christmas, perfected.  Ho Ho Ho.  3 x 60’

Kirstie’s Homemade Home                          Ch4                             IWC Media
Proving crafts at peak can be glossy & entertaining,  Series 1 & 2

Home of the Future                                      Ch4                      TwoFour Prods
What happens if you ask families to boldly go…  Peak series  

Yorkshire’s Perfect Pint                                ITV1         Cheeky Monkey Films
RTS nominated entertaining doc series about an eccentric’s quest for beer

The Real Emmerdale                                     ITV1         Cheeky Monkey Films
RTS winning doc series about real country lives.  Series 1 & 2

The Silence of the Lambs                              ITV1         Cheeky Monkey Films
RTS nominated 4x30' doc series, the aftermath of foot & mouth 

Property Ladder                                            Ch4                  Talkback Thames
Sarah Beeny property renovation series

Picture This                                                   Ch4                Renegade Pictures
Martin Parr fronted photography series  

Night Cops                                                     Sky1              Renegade Pictures
Scum-on-the-run.  High octaine Police ob-doc series 

The Lock Up                                                   BBC3                 BBC Productions
Police custody suite & cells ob-doc series

Drunk & Dangerous                                      BBC1                Folio Productions
Police ob-doc series dealing with drunks, vomit & the aftermath 

Shops, Robbers & Videotape                        BBC1                Folio Productions
Police ob-doc series on retail crime & chasing low-life

Restoration                                                   BBC2                               Endemol
Hit series, 20 derelict properties vying to win funds for restoration  

Mechanibals                                                  BBC2                           IWC Media
Prime series where amateur boffins create homemade machines

The Best & Worst Places to Live                   Ch4                             IWC Media
Where to live and how not to be welcome in Hull again

Jutland - Clash of the Deadnoughts             Ch4                              IWC Media
2 hour doc investigating why the British lost so many WW1 ships 

In Search for Speed                                      Ch4                              IWC Media
Doc series about people who craved speed and world records

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show                BBC2                   BBC Productions
Inserts for the annual OB, various years

Arthur Smith:  Edinburgh Festival                BBC                     BBC Productions
Arthur’s unique guided tour & doc of the 2011 festival  

Around the World in 80 Raves                      Ch4                                     Rapido
6 x 60’ doc series with 6 teenagers partying & vomiting across the USA

Flog It!                                                            BBC2                  BBC Productions
An antique presenter-led programme, multiple eps

Talons of Terror                                              Nat Geo         Beeley Productions
Blue-chip international Nat History doc about raptors sold worldwide

Owls:  Silent Hunters                                      Nat Geo         Beeley Productions
EMMY award winning blue-chip Nat History shot from Sahara to Acrtic Circle

Extraordinary People: Deepest Diver             Five            Real Life Productions
Science doc, woman who dives 500’ below the Carribean on one breath

Wildlife Police                                                  Five            Real Life Productions
Series about raids & investigations in to wildlife crime

Wildlife Sanctuary                                           Discovery   Real Life Productions
UK & international doc series about ordinary people saving animals

Time Shift                                                         BBC4                 BBC Productions
Many episodes of this series over the last 5 years

Plus polished corporates & commercials for nice people including:

Land Rover                 Costa Coffee
Jaguar Cars                 Screen Yorkshire
Raytheon                    Swinton Insurance
B & Q                          Premier Inn

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